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Barrington Market Update – September 2, 2020

There are currently only 42 Single Family Properties available for sale in Barrington. Buyer demand has remained high as interest rates are still at record lows. Well-priced and properly-marketed homes are selling quickly. The median days on market for sold properties dropped in August to just 33 days. The median days on market YTD in Barrington is 52, and last year the median days on market in Barrington was 55. Therefore, properties closed in August sold much faster than what we saw in the months leading up to August.

  • 19 of the 42 properties in Active / Available “For Sale” status are listed at or above $995,000.
  • This leaves 23 properties available across the entire town for less than $1,000,000. 
  • The median price point across these 23 properties is $559,000 and $274 per square foot of living space.  
  • There are 8 properties available between $699,000 & $925,000.
  • There are 5 properties available between $500,000 & $699,000.
  • There are a total of 10 homes available between $349,000 & $499,900.
  • The least expensive home for sale in Barrington at the moment is 49 Martin Avenue, which has an asking price of $349,000. 

Available Housing Inventory by School District


There are currently 26 properties available for sale in the Nayatt School District. Prices range from $399,000 for a 1,263 square foot ranch at 16 Joy Street, to $4,975,000 for a 9,026 square foot waterfront home at 85 Nayatt Road.  

  • 3 properties are available under $500,000.
  • 3 properties are available between $500,000 & $800,000.
  • 4 properties are available between $800,000 & $1,000,000.
  • Prices then jump, with nothing available between $999,000 & $1,200,000. 
  • There are 15 properties available above $1,200,000.  

If you’re looking for salt water views in the Nayatt District, prices start at $1,375,000 for 32 Lorraine Street, an 1809 Tudor perched just above Barrington Beach. There are just two other properties available under $2,000,000 with salt water views in the Nayatt District: a fixer-upper at 11 Mathewson for $1,495,000 and a beautifully renovated colonial at 2 Blount Circle for $1,499,000. Beyond that, it’s well over $2,000,000 for salt water views in the Nayatt District right now!


There are now only 8 properties available for sale in the Sowams School District. Prices range from $349,000 for a 1,288 square foot 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home at 49 Martin Avenue, to $775,000 for a 2,634 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms located in Mallard Cove.  

Although the overall number of available properties in the Sowams District is low, the inventory is balanced. There is 1 home available for sale in the 300’s, 1 in the 400’s, 2 in the 500’s, 2 in the 600’s and 2 in the 700’s.


There are 8 properties available for sale in the Primrose School District. Prices range from $389,900 for a 1,629 square foot colonial at 550 County Road, to a “pre-construction” offering of a 3,800 square foot colonial in Alfred Drowne for $1,450,000.

With 2 properties in the 300’s and 3 properties in the 400’s, the Primrose School District is a buyer’s best chance at an affordably-priced home in Barrington.  Excluding the 2 most expensive homes listed in Primrose, the median price for properties currently available in the Primrose school district is $479,450 and $283 per square foot.

Properties Closed in the Last 7 Days

There were just 4 properties closed in the last 7 days. Prices were modest, ranging from $300,000 for 108 Foote Street, to $555,000 for 7 Kings Gate Road. Here is a list of properties “closed” in the last 7 days and the price at which they were sold:

  • 108 Foote Street: $300,000
  • 76 Bay Road: $415,000
  • 18 Congress Road: $552,500
  • 7 Kings Gate Road: $555,000

About Chart House

This market update is written by Matt Antonio, Team Leader for Chart House Realtors in Barrington, RI. Chart House is a Real Estate Sales Team working within the Keller Williams Realty system. We focus on providing a high level of service and detail representing buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions.

YTD, Chart House is currently the third-largest producer of sales in the East Bay, and the third largest producer of sales in Barrington. Chart House is also ranked among the top 1% in Rhode Island sales statewide. Keller Williams Realty, as a brand, is the largest volume producer for both dollars and units in the state of Rhode Island (YTD).

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